Totem – Trash The South

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In the middle of night
In the place never found
We woke up in this jar
Full of landscapes inside
And the dreams as above so beyond
Through our mind it flows
And we make them real
Thrash the south
In the middle of crowd
In the place insecure
We believe in our path
And we make this real
Can you take this faith?
We are showing our palms
We are showing our hearts
And we make your thoughts real
This state has never been found
In minds we’re creating this vision of you
Travel warps this holy time
Changing our dreams within and without
Travel warps this holy time
Never stop before your end
This one state in our brain
Can you face with?
Can you face with me?
Thrash the south
Trembling air pervade through your skin
Ritual wisp surrounding the vision of you
It’s beginning
Gathering voices in your scream
It’s beginning
Thrash the south – we’re free as one
Thrash the south – never-ending maze
Thrash the south – that’s the place we have found
Thrash the south – can you face with me

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